Assess Readiness

Mission Readiness Quiz

Rate yourself in the eight areas below to identify growth opportunities and assess your level of "mission readiness." Simply read each statement and mark the circle on the continuum that you feel best describes you.
1. I understand God's desire to be known throughout the nations. -+
2. I am aware of skills/spiritual gifts that I have and how they are needed in the context of missions. -+
3. I have a good idea about the formal/informal training that would be needed to enable a missionary to go overseas. -+
4. I understand many of the historical figures/movements in missions and how they provide lessons for today. -+
5. I value the variety of roles needed to complete the Great Commission. -+
6. I am developing relationships that will encourage/support long-term vision. -+
7. I am aware of the different kinds of organizations dedicated to missions. -+
8. I am a friend and student of other cultures. -+

All done? Now, review your marks and take note of areas you scored yourself low in, then head over to the guidance area for advice, training, and resources to help you grow.

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