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Long-term Options :: 2 Years, 4 Years, Life

Finding a mission agency to serve with long-term can take the same amount of time and energy as choosing a college. Some argue it is like choosing a spouse. After all, you will be making a commitment to serve with these people, in close proximity, for years.

While it may be possible to switch mission agencies midstream, doing so can disrupt ministry, distance supporters, and cause a lot of heartache. Often people who leave a mission agency wind up returning from the field and never go out again.

Key questions to help you find a mission agency:

  • Do they work in the area of the world you have an interest in?
  • Do they have openings that match your gifting and skills?
  • Do they have a mission and vision that matches your passion?
  • Do you agree with their ministry philosophy?
    • Do they work in teams?
    • How do they work with nationals?
    • How do they work with other mission agencies?
    • How do they do church planting, evangelism, or discipleship?
  • Do you agree with their policies?
    • What is the role of spouses? Do they have ministry responsibilities?
    • What is their policy about divorced candidates?
    • What is their policy about women in leadership?
  • Is it evident God is working through them?
  • Do you agree with their doctrinal beliefs?
  • Is there a denomination they associate with?
  • Do you respect their leadership? Would you be willing to submit to them?
  • Do they have a good reputation?
  • Do they take care of their personnel?BAMmatch
  • Do they take care of thehttp://www.ccih.org" target="main">Christian Connections for International Health
  • Do they take care of thehttps://www.medicalmissions.com" target="main">Medical Missions
  • How do they handle financial issues?

Places to Explore Long-term Mission Opportunities:

 » Finishers Project
 » MissionExplore
 » Mission:TEACH
 » BAMmatch
 » Christian Connections for International Health
 » Medical Missions
 » Christian Jobs

Short-term Options :: 1 Week to 2 Years

Key Considerations for Selecting a Short-term Mission Trip:

Question to ask yourself
  • Why are you going? What is your motivation?
  • What type of experience are you looking for? (discipleship, cross-cultural exposure, ministry experience)
  • Which level of cross-cultural experience is right for you?
What to look for in a mission agency
  • Fit: Do they have programs that match your interest and experience?
  • Experience: Do they have experienced mature leaders on-site? Does their communication with you show signs of quality and professionalism?
  • Preparedness: Have they thought things through? (Expect some flexibility but also thorough planning.) Do they have emergency management procedures in place?
  • Comprehensive: Do they provide adequate training to prepare you? Do they help you process the trip with a debriefing?
  • Dependable: Have other groups or individuals found that they do what they say they do? What do people who went last time say? Do they practice the Standards of Excellence in Short-term Missions?
What to look for in a mission trip
  • Long-term plan: Does it fit into a broader long-term plan for the area you will be ministering in? How does it match up with local churches and career mission work in the area?
  • Great Commission focus: How does what you will be doing contribute to accomplishing the Great Commission? Is there an evangelism/outreach element even if it's mainly a construction trip?
Learn more about selecting a short-term mission here.

Places to Find Short-term Mission Trips:

 » ShortTermMissions.com
 » MissionFinder.org
 » Christian Volunteering