Mission Mentors

Some of the best encouragement, guidance, and preparation you can get for involvement in missions comes in the form of relationships. When it comes to finding someone to talk to, you have more options than you might think...

Local Contacts

- Missions pastor or committee members at your church
- A campus ministry person at your university
- Your parents
- A friend with missions experience or interest

Visiting Missionaries

The next time a missionary comes through your church or campus, take the initiative to talk to them or invite them over for a meal. Most of the time they are really nice people with all sorts of wisdom and insight. If missionaries don't come through your church all that often, keep your ears open for a missions conference in your area that may be hosted at a different church.


An increasing number of mission agencies are equipping and releasing members of their staff to serve as coaches and mentors for prospective missionaries. While it's true they are looking for those God may be leading to join their own agencies, many are happy to walk with you through the process of figuring out where you fit, regardless of results. They can help you define your direction and sort through the steps to get there.

Another great option is the Journey Deepens retreats. Get away for a whole weekend with other budding missions enthusiasts and experienced missionaries.  » TheJourneyDeepens.org

See if there is a Perspectives course offered near you or if the Traveling Team will be coming through your area.  » Perspectives Locations  » The Traveling Team Schedule

What do I talk about?

Here are a couple of ideas for starters:
- Tell about yourself (schooling, occupation, gifts/skill, missions experience).
- Tell about what God is doing in your life right now.
- Ask about questions you currently have about missions (obstacles, unknowns, fears, finances, parents).
- Ask to hear the other person's story.
- How did they get involved in missions?
- What are the challenges they have run into?
- What have they found to be a help in keeping mission vision alive and growing?
- Ask for prayer.

Don't just sit there. Go talk to someone!

Still having trouble? Relate vicariously through the questions and stories of others on the journey.
 » AskaMissionary.com
 » Propel interviews

Finally, don't forget missionary biographies. Learn from those who have gone before!