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Tips, Advice and Stories about Becoming a Missionary

Hardest thing for a missionary

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A young couple talks about obstacles to the mission field.

Miracles on the mission field

video thumbnailWhile working with a short-term mission team in Mexico, a missionary couple witnesses a miracle.

Using my hobby or interest on the mission field

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A young couple shares a story about how even the most obscure interests or hobbies can become a tool on the mission field.

Deciding where to serve

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A young couple talks about the process of deciding where in the world to serve as a missionary.

Improving your language skills on the field

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Language acquisition is a social activity as much as a classroom activity. This missionary to Belgium relays how he and his wife came up with a creative way to bond to their new community.

My journey to the mission field #004

video thumbnailA missionary talks about how she became involved in missions, starting in high school through support raising, finding a husband and in her present role as a recruiter.

Support raising and the local church

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A missionary with TEAM talks about his relationship with the church back home during fundraising and while on the field.

Do I have to be a pastor to be a missionary?

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So you have an engineering or business or art degree. Can you put that field of study to use on the mission field?

Should I go where I already know the language?

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A lot of us learn some Spanish or French or German in high school, and may even further that language learning in college. Does that mean we should go as missionaries to Spain, France or Germany?

How long does it take to learn a language?

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An experienced missionary talks about how long it takes to become proficient in a language at different levels. Fluency in conversation is different than being able to talk with people on a spiritual level.

Should I learn the language?

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An experienced missionary talks about the importance of learning language in relationship to cross-cultural missions.

Teaching at an MK school

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A teacher from the Black Forest Academy in Germany talks about how teaching at a missionary kids school is different from teaching in the United States.

Schooling options for missionary kids

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A teacher from Black Forest Academy in Kandern, Germany, lays out some of the pros and cons of different schooling options for missionary kids.

My journey to the mission field #003

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A teacher describes his journey to the mission field, from looking to settle down in the States to serving overseas.

Preparing for the mission field as a college student

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It’s not uncommon for the time between a person becoming interested in cross-cultural missions and actually going overseas to be all of ten years. In this video, an aspiring missionary talks about what he did in college to keep his desire to serve fresh.

How do you handle student loans?

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Student loans often present a hurdle for people headed to the mission field. Pay them off as quickly as you can!

What’s the first year on the mission field like?

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The first year on the mission field presents a lot of challenges for a missionary. In this interview a couple talks about how they navigated some of these challenges during their first year overseas.

How do I tell my family I’m going overseas?

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Family members respond in a variety of positive and negative ways when told their children are going to go overseas as missionaries. In this video, a couple talks about how both their children and their parents reacted to the news.

Journey to the mission field #001

Video StillAn Operation Mobilization missionary talks about her journey to the mission field.

Setting up your home on the mission field

video thumbnailWhen you finally make it overseas, it’s important to set physical and emotional boundaries, so to speak, despite your desire to jump right into the new culture. In this video, one missionary talks about setting up house in a way that allows you respite from your new surroundings.

Operation Mobilization USA, tour

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This is a tour of Operation Mobilization’s U.S. headquarters in Georgia. It’s designed to give you an idea of the organization’s culture and opportunities via a tour of their offices and interviews with their staff.

Single women on the mission field

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Going overseas as a missionary and as a single woman can prevent unique challenges — as well as unique opportunities — that couples or single men might not have to deal with. This video begins to address some challenges single women may run up against as missionaries.

Overcoming obstacles

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On the path to becoming a missionary we encounter a variety of personal, financial and logistical obstacles. Hear a seasoned missionary talk about his own experience of overcoming a personal obstacle.

Called to be a missionary?

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Calling to missions is often an enigmatic and personal subject. How do you know you if you are called to be a missionary? Do you have to be called to serve overseas? In this video, an experienced missionary shares his perspective on God’s calling to missions.

Preparing for the mission field

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The topic of missionary preparation is daunting, and with this video we embark on a project that will hopefully make the process of getting overseas a little easier and quicker. We kick the series off with a little about God’s sovereignty and the importance of hands on ministry before serving cross culturally.

Staying motivated despite the obstacles

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Obstacles are inevitable as people prepare to serve overseas as missionaries. This couple reminds us that honoring God in the midst of planning to minster cross culturally is of utmost importance, and that our God is big enough to handle the roadblocks along the way.

Avoiding missionary preparation burnout

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Burnout is a real possibility as you travel the road to full-time missionary service, which often takes more than six years. Listen to one couple talk about sticking to your goal despite the long road.

Discipline for reaching the goal

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Getting through college without debt, with a family, so you can get to the mission field as fast as possible can be tricky. Living within your means on a missionary budget can be tricky too. Both require financial discipline. Hear how one couple is living frugally and making it work on one income.